At work, you may have nice colleagues and be excited about what you do, but let’s be honest, there are days when you simply want to leave everything behind and escape to the farthest place you could possibly go. However, in most cases money are the greatest impediment and they simply don’t let you go anywhere else except from home. But even so, this doesn’t mean you cannot turn your home into a sanctuary. Here are some useful decorating tips to consider.


Create a happy spot in your room

When it comes to ribbons, there are plenty of ways you could use them and one very good example is in creating a happy spot in a room. Look for ribbon for sale and choose the most appreciated provider on the Internet. Use ribbons as a replacement for your curtains for instance. Next to that window, place a comfy armchair or a bean bag chair for example, a coffee table that you created yourself out of some old tyre and some rope and then decorated it with even more ribbons and some other small decorating objects. This will be your happy spot, where you can read a good book and relax after a long and busy day at work.

Get rid of wall clocks

Seriously, you don’t need them. They will only get you distracted. You have clocks all around the house, on your microwave, on your smartphone and possibly on the stove as well. You simply don’t need another bigger clock hanging on the wall and ticking away, especially when you want some time for yourself and relax.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Believe it or not, clutter can actually cause stress. If you want to turn your room into your sanctuary, make sure you get rid of any unnecessary objects. You can either choose to sell them, donate them, or hide them in baskets and drawers (although this last option is not quite a recommended one). You can get creative and turn those objects you no longer need into some other decorating items or find them a different purpose to be used.

Clean the house and eliminate odours

A sanctuary doesn’t include mess, this is for sure. Thus, you have to engage in house clean-up once a week and to eliminate any bad odours existing in the house. Replace those odours with your favourite scent. You can either buy it from a local store or create it yourself by combining certain ingredients. All you have to do is to look for some recipes on the Internet to ensure you obtain the desired scent.

The light is also important

Besides arranging all items in a way that gives you a feeling of comfort, you also have to take care of the way the room is lit. Obviously, natural light is the best option. Try not to cover the windows with materials that are too thick for the sunlight to go through or that are coloured in darker shades and opt for some lighter colours instead.