Although many think about rhinoplasties only from the aesthetic point of view, some of the patients getting them need such interventions to correct breathing issues caused by nose deformities. Although many tend to attribute different names to the two interventions, they are oftentimes combined. However, a rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic reasons, but it can correct medical issues as well. This is why when choosing a practitioner it would be advisable to work exclusively with the best plastic surgeons and start document yourself on the nose job prices UK. However, let’s see what medical issues could this type of intervention correct.

1. Chronic sinus problems

Nasal congestion and allergies is a medical issue that thousands of people face on a yearly basis. A common cause is a deviated septum, an anatomical defect. In such cases, a rhinoplasty is an intervention that can and will eliminate these issues. Also known under the name of functional rhinoplasty, it does not change the external appearance of the nose, but only fixes internal problems. Also, it improves many of the unpleasant symptoms of a deviated septum, including a dry mouth, mouth breathing and other similar issues. Moreover, in many cases, people choosing to have a functional nose job pair it with polyp extraction, as they are also guilty of these unpleasant symptoms and might aggravate them, leading to recurrent sinus infections.

2.  Fixing a broken nose

Many choose to have this type of intervention because nose structural issues caused by an accident that led to a broken nose. Of course, a nose job in these cases has also a cosmetic role, since it will help the patient return to their previous appearance. Oftentimes, when a broken nose heals, it heals slightly crooked, which once will prevent the patient from breathing properly and second will affect the proportions of their faces. However, for making sure that the results of the surgery are those expected by you, you should check with a reputable Centre for Surgery in London and see what your options are.

3. Cleft lip or cleft palate

This is a birth defect that can be easily fixed with a rhinoplasty. It oftentimes affects children, having difficulties with eating and feeding properly. A rhinoplasty is a perfect solution for these issues since it has the ability to join the two part of the upper lip that didn’t join during the pregnancy.

4. How well does a rhinoplasty work?

Depending on what type of correction the patient wants, the improvements can vary from minor to significant. Make sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon and see if your vision and their vision are the same. You should set realistic goals, so you have a good healing process and a great evolution afterwards. A great plastic surgeon will certainly help you to get the results that you hope for in an easy manner. Their experience is the only thing that should concern you. The rest will be easily handled by them and their medical staff.