Traditional interior design is perfect for those people who want to combine the past and the present. The style exudes a superior elegance while preserving the rich history of the past and bringing a sense of warmth inside the house. If you want to achieve such a unique style, you have to seek inspiration in the ancient Greece and Rome. Furthermore, you have to become familiar with the basic principles of traditional style, which focus particularly on the ceiling, wall and floor. The main elements that perfectly characterize traditional style include French doors, fireplace mantels, fabrics and other interior embellishments. If you can afford it, you should not hesitate to opt for expensive furnishings and numerous accessories. If you navigate on the internet in order to view some traditional home designs, you will definitely notice dark wood, different textures and rich color palettes.


Explore traditional style interiors to draw inspiration

When it comes to decorating your own home with the traditional style in mind, you should direct your attention towards elaborate details and refined fabrics like silk and velvet. Your main objective is to achieve dimensionality and layering. Do not be afraid to add various textures in the same room because this represents the entire point when going for a traditional interior design. For instance, if you choose a sofa with a floral pattern, you can feel free to add a pillow with a nice print on it. They match perfectly and they surely remind of the exact same style you are trying to express by using the interiors of your home. If you examine the fabrics used in traditional homes, you will notice that damask is the main choice, probably because it allows the presence of fringe and tassels in the same picture.

When it comes to accessories, nothing is too much

When it comes to accessories, you can exude a traditional feeling with oil paintings and gilt frames. You can also add other minimalist and elegant decorative elements that are cost effective like everyday ribbons.  You can choose from so many colors, patterns, textures and size that you will definitely have great chances to find something suitable for your own traditional interior design. Of course, you do not have to stop there because as mentioned above, the more accessories you implement, the more you will remind of that era. If you decide to bring a chandelier, it has to be made of crystal or at least, give the illusion. By taking natural flowers from the garden or from the florist, you will bring freshness and beauty inside.