Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The nature is blooming, the fays are getting longer, the air gets warmer and people are more energetic. And since the season symbolises a new beginning, it is probably also time for some home improvements. This comes not only as something you do to prepare your property for the upcoming period, but also because you need to check if there is any damage the cold season caused to your house. Annually, once the heavy layer of snow starts melting, you begin to notice imperfections that you have to correct. Home improvements should take place both indoor and outdoor, because these two merge into offering you and your family a comfortable and neat living space. These being said, we have complied a list of routine adjustments that you have to take care of as soon as possible. Here come our suggestions:

Start with the roofing

Large quantities of snow and low temperatures are likely to have affected your roof. And since it is one of the most important elements that ensure the safety and integrity of your property, you need to make spring finds it in perfect conditions. For this reason, once all the snow has melted, plan a thorough inspection of your tiles and beams, to endure they are still strong and sturdy. Pay close attention and look carefully, because even the smallest fissure can allow water leaks to penetrate the surface, and that can lead to serious damage inside the house. Humidity will affect the quality of the air indoors, not to mention it can cause mould. Winter storms often leave tiny cracks that may go unnoticed, which is why you may even have to climb the roofs for a closer look. However, the effort is worth it.

Check the windows

Windows are the ones that allow warm light to come inside your home as spring approaches. After you are done with the entire house, clean the windows and check for potential damage cause by winter frost. Cracks are completely unaesthetic and will also lead to heat loss and greater bills, which you definitely want to avoid. Starting with the outside is an easy and efficient home improvement for spring, because it will cost you little money and almost no effort whatsoever. Crystal clear glass will add a glow to your interiors, brightened by the warm sun. If you have large glass areas to clean, then you will probably have to invest in some water fed poles and tools, but rest assured these are not expensive.

Update your garden

If you are lucky enough to have some space around your house, spring is the right time for you to take advantage of this. Make room for pretty colourful flowers, mow the lawn, bring in some decorative pieces and your garden, as small as it may be, is ready for the warm season. You will see that you will start spending more and more time outside, as temperatures get high, so make sure the area is welcoming and comfortable.