If you are searching for a family car that is powerful and yet safe and fun to drive, then you should probably focus your attention on midsized SUVs. These vehicles will provide you with plenty of room for your entire family, plus the luggage and equipment you need to carry around on trips. You may be thinking that you should purchase a larger automobile, but with the amount of options available in terms of medium sized cars, there is no reason for such an investment. There are more than 60 reliable models available under $40,000, so you may need professional help to narrow down the possibilities. Of course, there are certain criteria you must take into consideration before making a choice, as subjective as you may be. Here is what you should keep in mind:

Where will you drive the SUV?

This is probably one of the first questions you should ask before purchasing a car. Since we are speaking about a family automobile, you will probably not take it off road, but rather drive it around the city. For this reason, you should choose not only according to the vehicle’s performance, but also its size. It is true that the segment has standard dimensions, but if you are living in a tight city, the SUV should be as small as possible. Full sized models are out of question, because in spite of being quite roomy, they become an actual nuisance in a crowded city. If you decide to buy 2017 Toyota Highlander, then you are about to make an excellent choice.

What are your cargo requests?

The SUV is by definition a spacious car, which is why most families choose to invest in it. But before you do, think about what you will be transporting and how often you need to carry large loads, besides the passengers. Of course, the number of family members is also relevant. Mid-sized SUVs have been designed to offer full comfort for 5 passengers and their luggage, so unless you need a minivan, any model should have what it takes.

Do you care about gas consumption?

SUVs are large trucks, so gas mileage is not exactly what you should think about when considering to buy one. However, if you care about the environment and also your budget, you may want to check the numbers offered by the Environmental Protection Agency in terms of fuel economy. In order to forget about the fuel burden, experts advise you to choose a smaller car.